Thursday, 18 February 2010

SMS (texting) Students Pilot Project

The College has started a pilot project SMS (texting) students study tips to 620 first year general education students. They are linked by a weekly theme and related to a twenty week semester. As they had to be generic and non-subject specific, for the pilot project students we have gone for the following subject:

1. Course-start review
2. Planning and prioritizing
3. Organizing notes
4. Active Learning
5. Motivation
6. Using technology
7. Study Goals
8. Critical Thinking
9. Feedback
10. Mid-course review
11. Critical Thinking
12. General
13. Time management
14. Educational Technology
15. Managing stress
16. Revision planning
17. Finding out about the exam
18. Revision techniques
19. End-of-course
20. Feedback

Any example of the messages:

Using technology
Try using RSS feeds to keep you up to date with news in your subject area. Google, Yahoo and MSN have tools to help.

Using technology
Photo or video a whiteboard diagram, instead of copying it down. You can easily add these to OneNote why not have a go.

Using technology
Record audio notes to summarise key points. These will become very useful when revising for exams.

Using technology
Look at what apps there are for your mobile phone to help your studies. You will find useful apps for English, Maths, Science and more.

I hope the English is accessible to the majority of readers English been their second language. There has been no official feedback yet but of the 620 students very few have chosen to unsubscribe from the service. I will be blogging any feedback I get but if you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact me.