Wednesday, 2 September 2009

JISC Grant Funding 09/09: Greening ICT Programme

This maybe of interest to people:

The JISC invites institutions to submit funding proposals for projects to explore aspects of Green ICT in higher and further education in the UK as outlined below:

Study of Ownership and Responsibility for Energy Costs

This project will investigate the ways in which costs of the energy use associated with ICT are dealt with in universities and colleges across the UK - looking at the disconnection in many institutions between those that use energy and those who pay the bills. The study will report on current practices and identify and work with 4 case studies from institutions that are developing new ways of dealing with these energy costs.

Total funding of up to £90,000 is available for this study - including £50,000 for undertaking the study and recruiting the case studies and £40,000 for the case studies (at £10,000 per case study). The study will run for 18 months.

Small Scale Exploration Studies of Aspects of Green ICT

A number of small scale studies will be funded to investigate various aspects of the Green ICT agenda where there is currently limited understanding and knowledge. Examples could include (but not be limited to) aspects of the environmental and social impacts of Green ICT, the relationship between sustainable ICT and wider contexts such as working practices, health and safety, and the physical estate.

Total funding of up to £300,000 is available to fund between 5 and 8 projects at between £30,000 and £70,000 per project. Projects will run for between 4 and 12 months.

Demonstrator Projects

A number of small scale demonstrator projects will be funded that will develop and trail new and innovative means of taking action to reduce the environmental impacts of institutional ICT. The aim of the projects is to improve the knowledge and understanding about useful interventions in the sector in order that institutions can deliver real reductions in the overall environmental impact of ICT use.

Total funding of up to £300,000 is available to fund 6 projects at £50,000 per project. Projects will fun for 12 months.

The deadline for all proposals is 12 noon UK time on 28 October 2009. All projects are expected to start on 18 January 2010.

Further information about all of the above can be found in the full version of the call below.


Proposals may be submitted by Higher Education (HE) institutions funded via HEFCE, SFC, HEFCW and DEL Northern Ireland, and by Further Education (FE) institutions funded via SFC, DCELLS Wales and DEL Northern Ireland. FE institutions in England that teach HE to more than 400 FTEs are also eligible to bid provided proposals demonstrate how the work supports the HE in FE agenda.

Proposals may be from single institutions or consortia unless indicated otherwise in the relevant call. Partnership arrangements may be developed outside the sector (for example with research council sites, publishers, commercial suppliers), but the lead partner must meet the criteria outlined above. Funds can only be allocated through the lead partner.

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