Monday, 23 January 2012

Case study - Audio Feedback

Worked with Dr Nick Robinson, School of Polities and International Studies, University of Leeds looking the best way for him to provide his student feedback with audio recordings.


Provided digital audio recordings as feedback on students' essay drafts. This was made available through the VLE.

  • To be able to produce detailed feedback for lots of students in a short space of time (save me time)
  • To improve the experience of giving feedback
  • To improve the quality of feedback for students and increase student engagement with the feedback.


Notes were made on student work which formed the basis of the feedback to be recorded. Feedback was recorded on available personal equipment (iPhone). Audio files were transferred to a computer via iTunes which integrates seamlessly with the iPhone, renamed to the name of the students and then uploaded to a folder within the VLE labelled student feedbcak. The need did not arrise to access control the feedback and no students raised an issue with their feedback being available to others. Students accessed their feedback from the VLE and either listened to feedback online or downloaded the files for offline use.


Student feedback was universally positive with a great deal of enthusiasm being shown for the process to continue. The process saved Nick a great deal of time and made the task of giving feedback more stimulating and less stressful. Students commented that they appreciated the more personal nature of the feedback and the depth of meaning that is conveyed by a spoken voice. Nick will definately be continuing with this approach to giving feedback and am looking to expand it to providing summative feedback on assignments this summer.

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